Construction Defect Services by Dynamic Claims Services

Building solutions for construction defect claims.
Explore our forensic approach.

Mastering Construction Defect Claims

The construction industry presents unique challenges, especially when defects arise. Dynamic Claims Services boasts a skilled Independent Adjusting team, equipped to handle construction defect claims with finesse and expertise.

The Intricacies of Construction Defects

From foundational issues to infrastructural flaws, construction defects can be multifaceted and complex. Understanding their origins and implications is crucial for fair and accurate claim handling.


Dynamic Claims Services’ Approach

1. Forensic Analysis: Our adjusters collaborate with construction experts to decipher the root causes of defects.
2. Detailed Documentation: We meticulously record evidence, from photos to expert testimonies, ensuring a comprehensive claim file.
3. Collaborative Resolutions: Working closely with contractors, engineers, and policyholders, we aim for resolutions that are both fair and expedient.

In Conclusion

Construction defects require a blend of industry knowledge and claims expertise. At Dynamic Claims Services, we bring both to the table, ensuring your claims are in capable hands.